Why Do The Jews Hate Iran?

Iranians are Highly Educated.

Typical Iranian Middle Class Family

What Is It All About?

Whoever controls the world’s oil, controls the world. Iran sits on the Zargos oil belt, and the Zionists want it. The Iranians have studied history and have seen the Zionist butchery from 50 million in Russia, to Germany, and the 2 million slaughtered in Iraq. All one has to do is look at the war crimes in Gaza and know what’s coming their way.

The 1981-1989 Iran-Iraq Civil War

This nine year war was instigated by Zionists to weaken both countries.

Two American Attacks

The USA attacked Iraq in 1991 and 2003.

What Will Iran Do If Attacked?

Iranians realize Zionists control America, and they have seen Iraq destroyed by years of sanctions and two wars. They can see the massive Mossad bombs killing hundreds of civilians in marketplaces, the Iraqi police death squads, and mercenaries like Blackwater running around.

The Lessons Of Germany

Germany got suckered into a war because they were protecting Europe from the Bolsheviks. After the war the Zionists wanted all Germans castrated, and all manufacturing given to Russia.

Instead they firebombed Dresden, Hamburg, stuck millions of POWs on death camps, and the Russia army raped any German woman they found.

Iranians Know They Must Fight

One look at the occupation and destruction of Iraq, and they see they have no choice.

The Fight Will Be Here

The Zionists always provide an ‘In your face target/patsy’ that will get the wrath of their acts. In this instance it will be the American Fifth Fleet.

The Israeli False Flag

The attack must come. The Zionists media has laid out the scenario for this Summer or Fall, saying after that Iran’s reactors will be live.

A Fight Is Coming

The only real question is when, and how. If Israel attacks Iran, I am hard put to see American mothers send their kids to die in an Israeli war. And if Trump attacks, there will be riots in American streets. The timing is in the next nine months, and it has to be a nuclear False Flag on a US city.