The Jews Created Las Vegas

The Jews Created Las Vegas

Israel “Icepick Willie” Alderman, Joe Rosenberg and Gus Greenbaum

The History Of Las Vegas

Las Vegas was a railroad town in 1905, then gambling was legalized in 1931, and the Hoover Dam was completed in 1936. There were a few small sawdust joints, then Bugsy Siegel muscled Jack Todd out of the Flamingo in 1946. The entire city was then run by Jewish gangsters, the real expansion came when Dorfman used the Pension Teamsters Fund. The next expansion was the 1974 Great Bull Market, where Las Vegas went on the stock exchange.

Bugsy Seigel

Siegel starting things off at the Flamingo Hotel. Joseph Sacher headed the nearby Sands Hotel; Sacher “was second only to Lansky in the Syndicate. Years later he fled the U.S. and went into exile in Israel.”

Moe Sedway

Moe Sedway arrived in 1941, a mafor Jewish mob boss.


Meyer Lansky

Meyer Lansky a Polish immigrant was considered the head of the Mafia.

Las Vegas Was Started By Jews

Las Vegas has long been a hotbed of underworld influence and a worldwide attraction for gambling and prostitution. The conception of Las Vegas as a leisure Mecca, it’s most famous underworld personages have always been Jewish mobsters Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky.

Jake The Barber

Max Factor’s brother, Jake Factor, controlled the Stardust.

Nate Jacobson

Nate Jacobson was associated with Caesar’s Palace

Jay Sarno

Another Jewish American, Jay Sarno controlled the Caesar’s Palace Sarno later created Circus Circus; Moe Dalitz, Morris Kleinman, and Sam Tucker with the Desert Inn

Jake Gottleib

Sidney Wyman, Al Gottesman, and Jake Gottleib controlled the Dunes; Gus Greenbaum, Moe Sedway, and Charlie Resnick with managing the Flamingo after Bugsy Siegel’s death;

Benjamin Miller Of The Sahara

He started as a booking agent, titled Mr. Entertainment Agent extraordinaire, virtually invented the lounge show and brought everyone from Mae West to Elvis to Las Vegas,

Bennie Katleman

In 1951, Moore left the Last Frontier when the stockholders decided to sell the resort to Jake Kozloff, 91 Club owner Guy McAfee, Beldon Katleman and Maurice Friedman

The Hollywood Angle

The New York crowd brought inBilly Weinberger, whose job was to recruit Holywood Acts.

Bernie Rothkopf

Bernie Rothkopf also owned the MGM Hotel. Allen Glick was, between 1974-79, “the mob’s front man at the Stardust, Fremont, Hacienda, and Marina hotels.”

The Chicago Mob

They provided the new cash through the Central States Pension Fund.

Jimmy Hoffa

These guys took the pensions of millions of truck drivers.

Arthur Goldberg

Arthur Goldberg is the CEO of Park Place Entertainment, a conglomeration of 29 hotel-casinos worldwide, it’s Stardust division is the world’s largest hotel company.

Hank Greenspun

Jerome Mack, past president of the Dunes and Riviera, was a former national chairman of the Israel Bonds Campaign. Jewish entrepreneur Hank Greenspon owned the Las Vegas Sun newspaper and a local TV station.

Morris Schlaf

The Oasis is also partly owned by Jewish Austrian businessman Martin Schlaf – a close friend of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Izzie Moskowitz

Gambling mogul Irving Moskowitz owns the Hawaiian Gardens and is a heavy supporter of right-wing activities in Israel.

Charlie ‘The Nose’ Meyerson

Charles Meyerson, Julie Weintraub and Ash Resnick, worked in Wynn-controlled casinos.

Phil Ruffin

In 1997, Wichita businessman Phil Ruffin purchased the Frontier for $167 million and agreed to a five year contract ending the strike. Ruffin’s deal included an additional $3.5 million that went for the payment of wages owed to striking workers.

Sheldon Adelson

Elsewhere, Sheldon Adelson, chairman of the Sands, is also the owner of Venetian, a new Las Vegas complex built in 1999 at a cost of $1.6 billion.

Steve Wynn

The chairman of the Mirage, Steve Wynn, is also Jewish. The funds for Wynn’s first casino, the Golden Nugget, was in large part raised by convicted Jewish financier Michael Milken.

Kenny Shapiro

All of this, in more recent years, has its mirror image in Atlantic City and, increasingly, other American gambling Meccas. Kenny Shapiro, for instance, was “the Atlantic investment banker for [Italian American mafioso] Nicky Scarfo, the vicious killer who ruled the Philadelphia Mafia, the most murderous mob family in America.”

Sollie Kerzner

Another influential Jewish gambling mogul today is Sol Kerzner, founder and principal owner of Sun City from South Africa. Kerzner’s modern empire has expanded with extravagant casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the Bahamas, Mauritus, France, and a Native American site in Connecticut.

From Vegas To Cuba

Many Jewish mob figures were also involved in the gambling industry in Cuba and the Bahamas as its new off-shore gambling and narcotics empire.”

Louis Arthur Chesler

who “served as Lansky’s point man … Among Chesler’s criminal specialties was the handling of stolen securities.”

Allen Dorfman

Allen Dorfman, who was “murdered in 1985 to prevent him from talking about mob investments … He was in the same league as Glick, Shenker, and Malnik.”

Moe Dalitz

In 1970 Moe Dalitz, “a leading member of the Cleveland crime syndicate,” and controller of the Stardust and Desert Inn Las Vegas casinos

Lew Wertheimer

Al and Lew Wertheimer founded an illegal gambling den in Hollywood called the Clover Club.

Mall of America Owners

Nader, Eskandar, Raphael and Bahman Ghermezian, are Jews who own the Mall of America. They are planning $300 million in real estate developments over the next years in the Las Vegas area

Jackie Entratter

In 1959, Riviera was sold to a group headed by Ed Levinson of the Fremont Hotel, and Carl Cohen and Jack Entratter of the Sands Hotel. n 1984, Riviera filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Arthur Waltzman was named president in July in an effort to get the Riviera back on her feet.

Mickey Rose

We may also note the case of Mike Rose, the Jewish CEO of Holiday Corporation (Holiday Inn, et al), who “steered [the company] into gambling when it bought into Harrah’s in 1980, causing Holiday’s president and two directors to resign.

Irwin Molasky

The Developer’s Developer From high-rise bank buildings and hospitals to horse racing and motion picture making, the projects of this construction king continue to flourish in Las Vegas and the West,

Bernie Goldstein

The King Of Riverboat Gambling, Bernard Goldstein has pushed riverboat gaming in a number of states and was instrumental in lobbying for the original legislation for riverboat gaming in Iowa.

Oscar Goodman

Las Vegas has always been a Jewish-created fantasy. Below, both Steve Wynn and Oscar Goodman are Jewish.

Leonard Steinberg – English Jew

“Leonard Steinberg, the founder and chairman of sports betting and casino group Stanley Leisure is now moving into Las Vegas and New Orleans.

El Rancho Las Vegas

On April 3, 1941, the opened on 57 acres of land with a simple sign lifted on stone pillars advertising the new resort

The Desert Inn

From 1957 through 1959, said Molasky, Allard Roen and Moe Dalitz, both associated with the Desert Inn.

The Aladdin

Milton Prell, Hyman Abrams, Carl Cohen, and Jack Entratter with the ownership and operation of the Sands, and Ben Jaffe, Phil Kastel, and Jell Houssels

William Miller

was born in 1904 in Pinsk, Russia, the son of David and Lena, Jews who wanted to get to America and bought the Sahara


Owned by the Chicago mobsters. Lederer, Sam Giancana, Frank Costello, Morris Mac Schwabel, and Joseph Jacob Frankel.

Dunes Casino

The Dunes Casino opened in 1955, owned Morris Shenker, fronting for the Chicago Outfit.

Steve Wynn And The Beliago

Though Wynn was never accused of wrongdoing, several of his associates in the hotel were mob-connected

The Krave Club

Abe Sanker, known as “the high priest of gay parties,” opened the Krave Nightclub, on the Las Vegas Strip. It caters to voyeurs in a sexually charged fashion and fetish fantasies.”

Riviera Hotel 1955

The Riviera was originally a group of Miami investors headed by Florida businessman Sam Cohen.

Frontier Casino

In 1929 Theatre magnate R.E. Griffith, and his architect nephew, William J. Moore, saw the El Rancho Vegas in 1941

Flamingo Hotel

Benjamin Siegel and his New York “partners”, started here in 1946.

Other owners were Thomas Hull, and Chester Simms; Albert Parvin and George E. Goldberg; three Miami Beach investors from the Al Parvin group; International and MGM Grand owner Kirk Kerkorian; Hilton; and finally Hilton subsidiary, Park Place Entertainment.

The Sahara

1947, owned by Mel D. Close, Abbie Pollard Simon, and Del Webb. Sollie Irwin. Paul and Sue Lowden purchased the Sahara from Webb in 1982.

In 1995, Bill Bennett retired from Circus Circus Enterprises, then bought the Sahara from the Lowdens for $193 million.

The Thunderbird Casino

In 1964, Del Webb bought the Thunderbird, fronting for Meyer Lanskys consortium. Next, Stuart Perlman bought it, and finally Marianne Kifer

Vegas Gets Into River Boats

Bernie Goldstein fans starts the Casino Cruises, Inc., which managed the gaming operations of the Par-A-Dice Riverboat Casino in Peoria, Illinois.

Circus Circus Casino

Anthony Spilotro (nee Speiwietz) aka Anthony Stuart, started the casino which was purchased by Jay Sarno with money from the Central States Pension Fund of the Teamsters Union.

Royal Nevada

The Royal Nevada was owned and built by Frank Fishman, Albert B. Moll, Herman E. Kohen, Joe Leibman and Sid Wyman.


Kirk Kerkorian, an Armenian Jew, owned Harrahs, the Las Vegas Hilton, the MGM Grand, and others.

Complete List of Jews That Created/Run Las Vegas

Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel

Meyer Lansky

 Joseph Sacher

Jake Factor

Moe Sedway

Morris Kleinman

 Moe Dalitz

 Gus Greenbaum

Jay Sarno

 Nate Jacobson

 Sidney Wyman

 Jack Entratter

Sam Tucker

Al Gottesman

 Jake Gottlieb

Charlie Resnick

Morrie Stupak

Milton Prell

Willie Alderman

David Berman

Merv Adelson

Irwin Molasky

 Julie Weintraub

 Ash Resnick

Frank Rosenthal

 Benny Meyerson

Sheldon Adelson

 Bernie Rothkopf

Hyman Abrams

 Ben Jaffe

Oscar Goodman

 Steve Wynn

Jerry Weintraub

Hank Greenspon

Billy Weinberger

 Allen Glick

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