The Jews Behind The Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Population In 1915

The Genocide begins

Some Put The Deaths At Over Three Million

As Armenians fled to Russia they were slaughtered by Bolsheviks

Armenia Today

Who Occupied Turkey?

Judeo-Turks Killed At Least 1,500,000 Christians

The Jews Killed The Intellectuals

Christians Were Sent To Death Camps

Judeo-Turks Display Their Trophies

The ‘Young Turks’ Were The Leaders Of The Revolution

Emmanuele Carasso Was The Leader

The Armenian Genocide And The Bolshevik Revolution

Here are the two worst genocides in history, and no one wants to discuss them. The Bolsheviks murdered 50 million between 1917-1939, and the Armenian toll was 1.5 to 3.7 million dead.
The easy question is, why are the Zionists so opposed to having this in the history books?

Jews Are Outraged

A delegation of Turkish Jews, headed by Silvyo Ovadyadelegation, lobbied against a resolution under consideration in the U.S. Congress, that would recognize the 1915 massacres of Armenians as genocide. They attended an AIPAC policy conference and met with Jewish leaders, as well as members of Congress.

They Fear The Truth

True Holocaust scholars want this massacre, carried out by Ottoman-era Judeo-Turks, labeled as a genocide and taught in public schools.

Turkey Is Controlled By Zionists

Ovadya said the resolution would harm relations between the United States and its closest Muslim ally, Turkey, which America needs to invade Iran. Look at Turkey’s air force.

The Last Sultan

Abdülhamid II was the 35th sultan of the Ottoman Empire. He ruled from August 31, 1876, until he was deposed on April 27, 1909. The population was not much over 9 million total.

The Revolution

They called it the “Committee of the Union and Progress Party”,, but it was another Bolshevik swindle. The Armenians were the intelligentsia of Turkey. They were the doctors, lawyers, the wealthy leaders, etc.. The Zionists wanted them gone, and at the same time stole their properties.

Just A Swindle

For all their yelping about Communism and the people, they just wanted the wealth, like the Ankara mansions.

Eliminate The Wealthy

You took 1912 Turkey, a country of 9,800,000, and killed 3,700,000. The next question is, what happened to their gold, diamonds, money, possessions, etc.?

Atrocities Committed By Zionists

The so-called Young Turk movement, that was blamed for the bulk of anti-Armenian atrocities, was dominated by Jews. To the extent that there were massacres of Armenians, they were essentially a massacre of Christians by Zionist Jews.

At the head of the genocide was a Jew named Mehmed Talat.

The Genocide-Revolution Financed By Zionists

Talaat’s Finance Minister was another Jew, Djavid Bey, who arranged the finances of revolution in Turkey with Jewish banks abroad.

Committee of Union and Progress

Another leader was Refik Bey, who in 1939 was Prime Minister of Turkey under the name Refik Saydam.

Vladimir Jabotinsky

Jabotinsky arrived in Turkey shortly after the Young Turks seized power, to take over all the newspapers.

Who Took Over Turkey?

3.7 million Armenians were killed, so who took their houses, businesses, farms, gold, possessions, etc.?

Pale Of The Settlement

By 1905, the Russian Czar had contained 10 million Zionist Jews to the Pale of the Settlement (Khazaria). During the Armenian Genocide, they went from this settlement in Russia, to wealthy merchants in Turkey.

The Armenian Revolution Was Just A Jew Scam

This was no different than 1918 Russia, or 2003 Iraq. It is all about Zionist world control. These aren’t elite revolutionaries. They are simple Con-Artists. In Armenia, their key group, the Committee of Union and Progress, instigated a revolt, and deposed the Sultan. They killed the intelligentsia, and deported the Christians to die in desert death camps.

Today, it is Iraq. Tomorrow, it might very well be Iran, and eventually, it will be America. The economic collapse will foster a revolution, and the Zionists will squash those involved, and send them to the camps.