The Jews Behind Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens

Meet The New Young Republicans Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens

Conservatism has always been a tool of the Jew used to control Whites. During the election of Donald Trump, Conservatism became rightfully known as “Cuckservatism” and it was killed when Trump took office. The Jews are bringing back Conservatism under the guise that, “it’s cool and bold”, just like being a liberal was in the 1960’s. Same Jew shit.

Charlie Kirk’s Wikipedia is boring, all you need to know is the guy is a self admitted Zionists.
Candace Owens does not connect with black Americans.

They are backed by the David Horowitz Freedom Center.
Just like Jewess Lauren Southern and Jew Homosexual Lucian Wintrich they are pushed and promoted by Jews.


Video Exposing Kirk and Owens (If Video doesn’t play click Here)



Lauren Southern Is Jewish

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