The Holocaust Debunked Using Minecraft

Auschwitz 3D Model

The Holocaust can be explained easily. A Yiddish rumor got spread on the trains that Jews were being killed in showers. This rumor would later go on to become the Biggiest Lie in History. The rumor was exposed massively with the mainstreaming of the Internet. International Jewry did not foresee the coming of the Internet which is how the Holocaust is being exposing. This is why the Jews hate the internet.

People go to jail over this nonsense. Right now, Ursala Haverbeck, is being targeted by the Jews for exposing this lie. Many others, such as Ernst Zundel and David Irving have been imprisoned as well for Holocaust denial in Europe.

This video shows Auschwitz constructed in a 3d modeling software. This video goes why the Holocaust is flawed and if you were going to genocide a group of people, how the Nazis would have actually done it.

Auschwitz Minecraft Debunked 1 Hour



The Truth About Auschwitz

The Dwarves of Auschwitz

Jews kill 96 Year Old Accountant

Tales of The Holocaust


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