How The Jews Did The Oklahoma City Bombing

The “Official” Story

These two blew up the Murrah building, using an aluminum truck containing five plastic drums of fertilizer, which was parked 40′ from the building.


Their base was 1100 miles from Oklahoma City


The Truth

The attack was orchestrated by Jews out of Elohim City

These are the real masterminds of the bombing.


Reverend Millar

Millar, a Canadian Jew, played the Fuehrer of Elohim City


In 1995, a massive explosion in the heartland of America, killed 169 people. The government told everyone it was the work of a disgruntled ex-army private,Timothy McVeigh, who became a white supremacist.

Now it appears, that the American Mossad units, the SPLC and ADL, had a connection, and there were multiple bombs.



Timothy McVeigh, born in New York in 1968, was the alleged mastermind. In 1990, McVeigh joined the Army, where he met Fortier and Nichols (Anti-Semites). McVeigh is discharged in 1992 and headed home to NY, where he worked as a security guard till 1993. Next he visits Nichols at a Michigan farm, where he is reputed to have read anti-Jewish propaganda, and became a neo-nazi.

McVeigh made a living as a free-lance salesman, traveling the gun show circuit.

In March of 1994, he met Strassmeir at a gun show.

In April 94, he went back to Kingman, Arizona for a few months, where he lived with an Army buddy, Michael Fortier. McVeigh and Nichols later meet in Kansas, where they rob a gun collector of $60,000, and start buying fertilizer for the bomb.


Jan 1995 -April 95

In January 1995, they take the fertilizer to Arizona, and meet with Mike and Lori Fortier, where McVeigh stays for three months.


April 1995

McVeigh and Nichols meet in Herrington Kansas, 150 miles north of Oklahoma City, a week before the bombing. They rent the truck, mix the chemicals, then McVeigh blows up the building on April 19, 1995.


Terry Nichols

Nichols was a 35 yr old drifter, who joined the army in 1988, where he met McVeigh and Fortier. He spent time in the Philippines, where he married twice. Oddly, he made a few trips to the Philippines alone during 1994, and Jewish sources contend that Nichols trained under Ramsi Yousef.

The intelligence community say – “Nichols was an unwitting Mossad recruit, and floating the ridiculous Ramsi Yousef story is typical of Mossad disinformation propaganda. The Philippines is a Mossad hub.”


The Real Story Of The 80’s and 90’s Militia Movement

Everything Starts With The S & L Collapse Of 1982

David Paul

From 1973 to 1982 the Federal Reserve flooded the economy with credit, and the result was a major farm property and commodity inflation. Midwestern farmers, buoyed by inflated asset prices, and encouraged on by the banks borrowed excessive amounts of cash. Everything was fine until 1982, when the Federal Reserve drove interest rates to 22%, and commodity prices collapsed.


The Savings And Loan Swindle

David Paul, who stole $3 billion from Miami S & L’s, typified the swindle. The FDIC found that Paul had lent billions to Jewish acquaintances, loans that were never repaid.


The Small Farms Collapsed

The 1980’s saw $ 400,000 harvests, and $ 2,000,000 farms collapsed by 75%, and the bankers forced the farmers to auction.


The Militias Were Formed

The bankers initially felt this would be another simple 1929 style swindle, but as the banks started to foreclose, the farmers formed the basis of the modern militias. These Militias pinpointed the bankers as the ones behind the scheme, and threats of violence shook the community.


Jewish Watchdogs Mobilize

The ADL and SPLC, the Mossad’s American terror organizations, realized these militias would provide a basis for a future resistance movement, and they needed to take action. These groups could jeopardize their plans for a 2006 world-wide collapse (1929 redux).


SPLC and ADL formed anti-militia units

Morris Dees and Abe Foxman, through their organizations, formed special ‘Militia Watch’ units. The SPLC’s normal function was keeping the blacks stirred up with their bogus KKK, and protecting Jewish interests, such as their abortion industry. After the S & L fiasco backfired, they realized Militias were their first real threat. Their target now became the militias.


The Jews Infiltrate The Militias

Both groups infiltrated the militias, and set up False Flag terror bases at Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Elohim City, Oklahoma.


Coeur d’Alene – Idaho

A sacred Mecca, in Northern Idaho, where future psychos gather, and were groomed.

ADL agents prowled militia meetings, gun shows, White Power websites, where they recruited unstable dimwits, parolees, and violent gun nuts, etc.

They shipped them to both spots where they became fodder for future operations.


Elohim City – Oklahoma

They put a Canadian Jew, Robert Millar, to work as the head of the compound.

The Jewish goal was to use the FBI and BATF eliminate their enemies, the militias.

There Were Multiple Bombs

These images are scans of the seismographic output from the Norman, Oklahoma Z-axis recorder for April 19th show there was a second explosion. The fact that the YMCA across the street unaffected confirms the truck bomb didn’t implode the Murrah building. It turns out that the 10 second delay is caused by differing propagation times through the layers of shale and sandstone that lie under Oklahoma City.

Strassmeir had Israeli special forces demolitions experts wire the Murrah building columns with high-explosive charges. Sayanims, who provided building maintenance, provided the access.

Military demolition expert reviews it. Witnesses saw repairmen working on columns.


The Real Bombers

Andreas Strassmeir

A German Jew, and the mastermind.

Strassmier cover is he German. He was trained in Israel, and was sent directly to Elihom City. He speaks fluent Hebrew, and has a girlfriend in Israeli army. He is Mossad agent and an explosive expert. He is considered John Doe # 3.


Micheal Brescia

Morrano Jew and FBI informant. Michael Brescia was identified as John Doe #2, the person witnesses saw with McVeigh that morning.


Gary Hunt

Involved with the Waco Massacre in 1993. Gary Hunt is a suspected informant for the BATF. Hunt was in Oklahoma City on the day of the bombing. He is believed by some to be Jewish.


Daniel Spiegelman

Spiegelman was the fund raiser for the Oklahoma City bombing operation. He stole some rare manuscripts from Columbia University. He was arrested and imprisoned in the Netherlands when he attempted to sell historic documents. United States District Judge Lewis Kaplan, a Zionist, sentenced Spiegelman to 60 months in jail, plus 3 years probation.


What Really Happened

The OKC bombing was engineered out of Elohim City, by Strassmeir, using Mossad demolition experts.

The SPLC, which is a US arm of the Mossad, set up the Elohim City base to recruit, and organize from. Their goal was to eliminate the Militias. After the BATF killings at Waco and Ruby Ridge, the FBI and BATF readily accepted the ADL and SPLC as trusted informants.

The ADL covered themselves by telling the FBI: “We have information on a pending terror attack, but not the specific location.”

If Elohim City wasn’t an SPLC False Flag operation, the FBI would have called in the Air National Guard, and carpet bomb Elohim City.

The FBI leveled Waco, slaughtered Randy Weaver’s family, but they left the Elohim terror base untouched?



The Entebbe Hoax
The USS Liberty
Mossad in America
The Jewish Art Team on 9/11


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