Did Grand Theft Auto 3 Predict 9/11

Did Grand Theft Auto 3 and Rockstar Games Know About September 11, 2001?

Grand Theft Auto 3 is the most groundbreaking game ever created. It was scheduled to be released September 19, 2001. The events of 9/11 delayed the game until October 22, 2001.
Soon after the game was released, players noticed a character, Darkel, credited on the back of the box. Yet, Darkel does not appear in game. What’s striking about the character is his close resemblance to Osama Bin Laden.
Darkel was obsessed with destroying the economy of Liberty City (NYC). His missons consisted of senseless violence and later would develop into a war between himself and Donald Love.

Donald Love is Donald Trump.

The Character Donald Love is a real estate tycoon, media figure, “American Legend”, and at one time was bankrupt and rose back to billionaire style. In one cut scene he even says, “A Deal is a Deal.” Obviously this is Trump. Love’s Media Tower is located in the exact Location of Trump Towers. GTA also featured Trump Tower on Grand Theft Auto 1’s box art. Point is, they like New York City.

The Mission that Was Removed.

GTA3’s ending is cliched and you can tell it’s not the ending the developers wanted.
Source code indicates flying was possible in the game.
The Game, having placed a heavy influence on American Capitalism, would have probably ended, based on research by unused code, dialogue, and just GTA’s humor/story telling, would be this – Your player would fly a drone/plane into either the World Trade Center or Love Tower (Trump Tower) and Kill Donald Love.
As it stands in GTA 3 now, Donald Love disappears for no reason.

Rockstar Tries To Cover Their Ass But Gets Caught

The Houser Brothers claim that only 1% of the game was changed. Mainly the Box art, yet the same box art is then used on the 10th Anniversary edition.
They do not address the subway, and exact layout of the WTC and the obviously merged building of the two towers.

What’s This Mean
What are the chances that the biggest game in history would feature an Osama Bin Laden Character that handed out a mission where you fly a plane into a skyscraper in NYC and take out Donald Love (Trump)