The Austrian Jewish Gelatin B Team And 9/11

“Austrian” (((Mossad))) Artists and 9/11

Gelatin B was a group of Austrian Artists[in Bollyn’s Book, He Proves They Were Mossad Ops], who were given free range to do whatever they wanted in the towers.


Who Are These Artists?


Who funded this?

They busted out windows, created a balcony, flew an airplane, and recorded people standing on the balcony. There is a theory 9/11 Footage is CGI, did the E-Team/Gelatin-B create parts of the CGI? (Speculation, I do not completely believe in Shack’s September Clues although it does blame Israel)


The Truth Will Only Cost You $1,000

Gelatin’s Book is the WTC

Gelatin produced an art book. They produced only a few hundred copies. The book is going for $1,000 on Amazon. $1k for an art book? Verified Purchases who reviewed the book provided following images:

Footage From Gelatin’s Chopper
The Balcony



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